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Hi, I’m Heather LoBrutto!

I’m a certified This Naked Mind sobriety life coach based in Jupiter, Florida who specializes in helping moms regain control of their lives and make their health, relationship, and values a priority again.

In high school, my older sister initiated me into the world of alcohol. Attending the University of Florida, she taught me about the role that alcohol played in her life at college with things like tailgating, drinking games, and football being at the forefront of activities I began participating in. From those experiences, drinking became synonymous with being an adult so when I went to the University of Central Florida two years later my mindset was already shaped.

After college, alcohol was always present in my social life, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. I was never much of a wine drinker until I married my Italian husband, yet soon, wine was an obligatory part of cooking and eating each meal. I was never told I had a problem or a

reason to choose a sober life. I went out and enjoyed the company of my family and friends with alcohol by our sides, probably just like you.


When my daughter was three, I began to question my relationship with alcohol. There was no rock bottom or alcohol problem for me, but I knew that I wanted to better myself for my daughter and I started that journey by giving myself a temporary break from alcohol on May 31st, 2021, to shed some of the weight I gained in 2020. I was a weekend warrior, a have a glass of wine here and there lady, and an occasional “whoops I overdid it that time” girl, but for some reason the thought of giving myself an intentional break from alcohol was on repeat in my head. It wasn’t intended to be forever, and I knew that I could drink at any time if I really wanted to, but when I removed alcohol from my life and things started to change, I never had the desire to go back.

Almost immediately, I noticed the positive effects that taking a break from drinking had on my life and my relationships. After being a high achiever all my life, I realized that alcohol was actually raising my level of anxiety— it wasn’t making me feel better, it was making me feel worse. Without it, I had more patience and was less reactive to the small things, which gave me more energy to work on other aspects of my life. Learning more about alcohol opened my eyes to be more conscious about what I choose to put in my body. Removing alcohol opened space in my mind to work on my thoughts and beliefs. I’ve become more intentional in all areas of my life, rediscovered my values, and been able to redefine and strengthen my relationships. I hope to help share this gift with you too. If you’re looking to gain a better relationship with yourself, with your family, and with your spirituality, getting curious about your relationship with alcohol is a great place to start.

My life has truly transformed because of my break from alcohol. When it comes to sobriety and alcohol-free wellness, my approach is centered around you. I don't believe in the label alcoholic because it tells the world that you are the issue rather than the alcohol itself. My coaching services are designed to fit your unique life, not the other way around. Let’s shine a light in the dark, together.

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