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Get personalized support through my coaching services, curated for you as a sober curious mom. Whether you’re looking for support as you embark on your 30-day sobriety challenge, seeking one-on-one coaching with a flexible scheduling system, or hoping to join group coaching to build a sober curious mom community, my coaching services are designed to fit your unique life, not the other way around. Learn more about your relationship with alcohol from the perspective of a sobriety life coach who’s passionate about helping moms be the best versions of themselves, and who knows that a relationship with alcohol is not simply all or nothing.

Coaching Services

30-Day Sobriety Challenge

For those who are sober curious and hoping to take a meaningful break from alcohol through an engaging and personalized sobriety challenge. Choosing to explore sobriety doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never drink again, but it can lead you to explore your relationship with drinking in a new way. I invite you to consider joining my 30-day sobriety challenge and find out what role alcohol has in your life! Get individualized feedback and plans to conquer your challenge and begin to untangle those knots in your mind. Explore what sober curious mom life could look like for you without any strictness, stress, or guilt involved.

One-on-One Coaching

Life can change a lot in a year, especially for a mom. Rather than sticking to a strict long-term sobriety coaching commitment, take it week-by-week with my flexible scheduling. Schedule your one-on-one coaching session for whenever fits best in your schedule and however often works best for your life. Whether you’re sober curious or have just completed my 30-day sobriety challenge and are ready for more, my one-on-one coaching is designed to help you take the next step in your journey as a sober mom. I will work with you to curate alcohol-free wellness plans that work into your life, so whether you're wanting to make a plan to drink during a toast at a wedding or want to debrief about drinking at a bachelorette party, I can help guide you through this new journey of sober curious mom life.

Group Coaching

Do you have a sober curious mom friend group that’s interested in more guidance? Are you looking for a coaching option that will give you an opportunity to connect with people with similar life struggles? Group coaching is a great option that gives you guidance and support in the form of real connection and mutual understanding, which are incredible tools in a sobriety journey. Explore your sober curious mind with others by your side.

Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for your next guest speaker for your event, or maybe a risk management speaker for your sorority? Schedule me to speak at your event and raise awareness for what sobriety can look like from a women-focused perspective. Let’s have fun talking about what sober curious means, what taking a break from alcohol can look like, and how important it is to recognize the role that alcohol plays in our lives.

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